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Tynedale is a large area of northern Britain that is located in the southern part of Northumberland. This area is geographically considered to be the second largest district in England although it is also thought to be the second least densely populated district in the country at the same time. Tynedale was originally put together in 1974 bringing together the districts of Hexham (urban and rural), Prudhoe, Bellingham and Haltwhistle.

Tynedale includes towns such as Hexham, Prudhoe and Haltwhistle but it is primarily a large rural area that can be quite secluded in population terms. This is the home to a part of Hadrian's Wall and some stunning local scenery such as the Kielder Water park. The reservoir here is one of the largest man made lakes in Europe and is a popular resident and visitor attraction. The market towns within the region such as Hexham are also popular places to live and also attract a number of visitors every year. The Roman connections of the region are also popular with visitors.

Tynedale basically has a shared industrial and agricultural heritage. Although, as with many areas of the North of England, the traditional industrial sectors have decreased or died out in modern times.